Measurements and Requalifications

With the help of the industrial Computertomography the user is able to establish the control plan in advance. Therefore the CAD datas will be prepared for the generation of the control plan at which the references and the orientation has been defined.

The first part will be digitalized by the CT and reconstructed in a volume model by a high professional, qualified software tool.

The volume model has to be aligned with the CAD model and the measurements can start.

We are able to deliver first article inspections, complete PPAP, requalifications, alignement option best-fit for measuring and geometry comparison, plan-actual comparison and actual-actual comparison.


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The results can also be published as colour coded visualization of analysis results.. The false colour rendering enables espacially for high technology tools an effective corrective action. Hereby the launch cycles will be reduces up to 50%. An enourmous time reduction for launch cycles.

We also calculate an analysis of the entire object or of a user defined region called ROI (region of interest)

For the geometric comparison we need CAD datas in STEP or IGES format or we use polgon values in STL or voxel format.

A lot of customer accept digital values for initial sample reports and also for requalifications.

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